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Re: Reviving Debian QA

*Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> joey>    - Such packages have to call update-menus in their postinst
> joey> and prerm scripts
> This should simply be a lintian check, not a job for the manual
> scrubbing of thousands of maintainer scripts.
 I said this too, (it is currently a lintian check.) But no 
one is forced to run lintian or pay attention if they do. And
lintian cannot check if there should be a menu entry if there is not one,
only if the menu entry is not implemented properly.  Wishlist bugs need to
be filed for the doc and menu things.  Maybe the QA list could help to
facilitate this. 

> joey>  . Check if all packages that provide documentation register it
> joey> for dwww, doc-base or whatever
> Again, could easily be a lintian check.  Less time consuming, and more
> productive, IMHO.
 Yes lintian should be used, but it is currently not effective in getting
the bugs fixed. I suppose if an error were reported for each package which
does not use doc-base, it would be helpful.

btw. This (below) is what my potato dwww shows for "list of html documents"
Do I have to configure it, or somesuch, or is this all there is ?


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