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xia01 is now Debianized for UltraLinux development!

Debian developers,

I have spent some time this weekend to update our xia01, an UltraSPARC
system, to Debian 2.1 (slink). It went very smoothly. Thumbs up to all
who contributed. The TFTP image is identical to the one used to install
32-bit Debian 2.1 on xia02, a SPARCstation LX. We have enough space
to host a near-complete Debian mirror for i386 and SPARC architectures
including incoming/. The cron runs rsync every other day.

Now three systems (xia01-3) have two (xia01-2) running natively with
Debian. The remaining xia03 is still running UltraPenguin 1.09. I can
either convert it to Debian or upgrade it to the latest UP 1.19 and
take it as a reference system. Let me know what you think.

Again, these three systems are publically accessible to all Debian
developers and anyone who are interested in Debian UltraLinux project.
I will assign you account if you ask. I certainly hope every developer
get involved.

I will test this distribution with more hardware configurations and
document it in HTML some time next week. Frankly it is easy and smooth
to install.

Here is the latest motd:

             Welcome to Debian-UltraLinux Project!
  xia01: UltraSPARC I-170, 64MB, 3.5GB(system+/home2), 13GB(/Debian)
         Debian 2.1 (slink) Kernel 2.2.1 (updated on 3/27/99)
  xia02: SPARCstation LX, 64MB, 1.08GB, Debian 2.1 (Slink)
         Kernel 2.2.1 (updated on 3/18/99)
  xia03: Sun Ultra30, UltraSPARC II-250, 128MB, 4.2GB(system and data)
         UltraPenguin-1.0.9, kernel 2.1.125

  Note: xia01 and xia02 are contributed by Kachina Technologies, Inc.
  and xia03 is a loan system contributed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Best regards,


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