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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

On 1999-03-27 19:00, Oscar Levi wrote:

> On reading this thread, I find my sympathy lies with Ian.  Volume is a
> big problem for me and lists.  I recently enabled a mail sorter and
> started to use mutt.  These things help, but I don't have time to wade
> through d-devel with adequate care.  It's coming close to the volume
> of l-kernel but the content tends toward politics instead of technical
> issues.

I'm subscribed to a few high volume lists myself (jserv,
servlet-interest, linux-kernel, debian-devel, debian-user etc) and
have no problem keeping up.  procmail ensures that I only receive the
stuff that _I_ want to see.

> I'd prefer to leave readership open to the public and posting limited
> to developers.  Anyone unsunscribed who needs to post can send to the
> maintainer of the package in question, or a maintainer of a related
> package.

Let people vote with their feets by creating:

	debian-devel-protected	; rw for debian insiders, ro for others

Developers that don't care for non-developer input can take their
discussions there. There's already a debian-devel-private, right?
Otherwise create:

	debian-devel-private ; rw debian insiders

That'll be for those that don't care telling non-developers what's
going on.

(as a side note, hopefully a low subscription rate will indicate that
it's only a minority of the debian developers find end-users "stupid"
(from other thread) and not relevant for input (this thread)).

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