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need to document archive mgmt (was Re: New release manager)

>>>>> "wichert" == Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cs.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

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wichert> Previously Amos Shapira wrote:
>> I'd like to try to suggest a twist on the way of release
>> management: "Area Managers" (or whatever name you fancy to call
>> this).

wichert> I think Richard already proposed this.

How can we move on this?  I would like to see an effort to at least
describe and outline current archive management practices -- in a
descriptive way, rather than normative or prescriptive way.  An
"Archive Manager's Reference Guide", as it were.  This way we can get
out in the open the current pratices for archive management and
release managment, and then hopefully we can then look at how to break
out or delegate the responsibilities where needed.

For instance, I would *really* like to see a whole release team with
powers over the frozen archive, including members from the
boot-floppies team, every architecture, and the CD-writers team, and
others directly concerned with the release.  I.e., a release team with
power over frozen (i.e., what gets in, what gets pulled out, etc).

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