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Re: IBM 390


> That's three models. 43P 150 and 260 are strange. They're also
> *workstations*. 43P 260 is Power3 based. The Power3 is an IBM PowerPC. NOT
> Motorola. I *have* confirmed this with MCG's Cleveland division. Same with
> the Power2. I did NOT think to confirm whether or not Motorola could get
> me full details on 'em. So smack me around if I forget to check tomorrow.

I do not kow if POWER3 is different from POWER/POWER2. PowerPC is a single
chip processor but Power/Power2 are not. They are more expensive to make 
and consume much more electricity. However, POWER chips have much better
floating-point performance but their integer performance lags behind cheaper
PowerPC chips made in the same period. Do not know why.

Just a side note.


> The 43P 150 is PowerPC 604e. Well, DUH, I've had it working on an *SMP*
> 604e based system for MONTHS! NEXT!


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