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Re: IBM 390

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, James A. Treacy wrote:

> I suspected as much, but am such an optimist that I didn't mention it.
> I find this interesting in light of IBMs recent foray into Open Source
> software. One thing that has struck me is how IBM has been very particular
> about the products they have released code for.

Lemme share a quick URL with all of you.


I did goof. They are NOT supporting Linux on the F40's. Direct quote from
that page:

     * IBM RS/6000 is working with Cort Dougan, a leader in the Linux
       community for PowerPC based systems, to make Linux available for
       IBM's RS/6000 43P Models 150 and 260, and RS/6000 F50.

That's three models. 43P 150 and 260 are strange. They're also
*workstations*. 43P 260 is Power3 based. The Power3 is an IBM PowerPC. NOT
Motorola. I *have* confirmed this with MCG's Cleveland division. Same with
the Power2. I did NOT think to confirm whether or not Motorola could get
me full details on 'em. So smack me around if I forget to check tomorrow.

The 43P 150 is PowerPC 604e. Well, DUH, I've had it working on an *SMP*
604e based system for MONTHS! NEXT!

F50. How.. boring.. can you get? They're only going to scale to 2
processors with Linux. (Max an F50 can have is 4.) Once again, 604e's.
Been there, done that. PCI/ISA bus. Been there, done that. (F40 PowerPC
Server. Dual 604e, PCI/ISA. It's basically a smaller F50.)

In short, they're going to do some Power3 work. You can bet that it will
be lackluster performance at best, because IBM's not about to give up all
the Power3 specs. For those of you who don't know (read; VAST MAJORITY;),
the IBM RS/6000 SP's nodes have *all* gone to Power3. 

I could nearly garauntee you in writing that if I had an SP and full
Power3 specs, I could have Linux running on *ALL* the nodes within 6
months. Canned supercomputer. Just add Linux. 

So, in short. What's IBM doing? Damn near nothing. Among those 3 machines,
only the 43P 260 would require any real effort to get Linux running on.

Now if I wasn't so damned short on cash and hardware...


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