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RE: Clueless users are bad for debian (was Let's CENSOR it!)

I think this thread should change name. It should be "Brain ded users are
bad for debian".

I started out as a "clueless" Debian user. I was sent on a one week Solaris
administraction course and a couple of years later downloaded Debian off of
the net. You can't get much more clueless that that without being "brain
dead". Since then I have read the, man browsed the info, and now I have a
few servers up and running, firewalls, samba, I can install Debian with my
eyes shut (almost) and am now developing software for customers. Ok, I
started out the a degree in CS and IT, but I was still green behind the ears
as far as Linux was concerned.

What gives Debian, or any other OS for that matter, a bad name are the
people who have absolutely no common sense, professional idiots, people who
think they know everything and therefore the "system" is wrong, these are
the people who give Debian a bad name. They should be shot at birth.

Ok, I started out clueless, but at least knew what ls and cat did. An
absolute beginner might not. I am sure that a small document could be
prepared for these people, basic commands with a few options, e.g. man, ls,
cat, more, | (pipe), etc, a grounding in the directory structure, /dev,
/etc, /lib, /usr, basic concepts of VM and multiprocess systems, the
recommended sizes for the swap partition, root partition, user partition,
etc. The installation could have the "set it up for me as I have no idea"
mode and the "install it how I want" mode.

If you throw in a few questions to make sure that the installer is not brain
dead and has at least read the basic document once in the automatic mode and
then install a system that will work, you should keep the clueless in with a
chance of doing something useful. Once they are in they can read the man to
be able to configure tcp, ftp and then dselect (or apt) their merry way to a
working system.

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