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Re: Where is ldd?

On 26 Mar 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> writes:
> Michael> Not true. Debian has historically had many users not using
> Michael> dselect/apt. For other transitions we at least had a guide
> Michael> about which packages need upgrading together with the big
> Michael> change. For glibc2.1 we have nothing.
> Even with dselect/apt or apt alone, or dftp, or whatever, it still
> would be useful to have some sort of guideline on how to safely do a
> partial upgrade to unstable, i.e., for glibc2.1 compilation, i.e., for
> developers, etc.

IMHO, appropriate Conflicts, Depends and Pre-Depends fields should make
those guidelines unneeded. If not, there is a bug somewhere.

I would concentrate in fixing the bugs rather than writing guidelines
for upgrading to potato.

[ Unless your intention is to write guidelines about "how to work around
the bugs", in which case I have nothing to object, of course ].


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