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Re: IBM 390

> > Buttttt, I talked the boss into letting me play with this thing till it
> > breaks. This is an F12 and we are replacing it with an F55 in Q4. I was
> > just trying to see if anyone wants to tinker as well.

I believe Sid is confusing two different projects.  We have an R83/R24
combination we are upgrading to an R55, these machines are seperate from the 742
that we're looking to do the linux port on.

> Actually, this is *totally* untrue. Providing we can get the necessary
> documentation, I don't see ANY reason why Linux can't equal or even
> SURPASS OS/390. It just takes time, information, and hard work.

All hardware specs are available on IBMs web site.. (see email I sent you

> > Philip R Jaenke has expressed an intrest, but if I remember right, the
> > Power PC processors were used in the 370 line. I can check on that
> > though.

there may be some concepts carried from the power pc to the s/390 line, but I
don't think that will assist us in the conversion..  I don't believe the powerpc
uses the PSW,  control registers, Dat tables, and whatnot that the S/3x0 uses.(I
could be wrong, I know the internals of the S/3x0, but not much about powerpc)


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