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Intent to package: cyrus-imapd

...again, once my developer application is approved.

Cyrus IMAPD is Carnegie Mellon's IMAP server.  It's structured much like
Usenet news in architecture, and has some nice features such as ACLs,
public folders, etc.

Two things about it that are a bit problematic:

First, it's definitely non-free.  The license is "anti-commercial"
(although they like ISPs).

Second, it definitely cannot be modified to use the Debian mail
structure through policy.  I intend to work around this with some form
of wrapper script to pull mail out of the standard mailboxes and into

So why bother, you ask?  It's OK software.  Plus, I need to get it
working on Debian anyway so I can migrate a Red Hat box (fightin'
words?), so I figured that packaging it wouldn't be much more work.

I'm interested in comments or feedback, if this is worth doing, etc.

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