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Re: Let's CENSOR it! (was: Uploaded anarchism 7.5-1 (source all) to master)

> If I come across as a bit ratty it's because I'm getting a bit tired
> of all these people who fail to see that there is any difference between
> ye_olde_foo.{txt|html} and the fortune files or the bible as distributed by
> debian. To me it's all about adding value: it's not about being able to
> read a text/html file, it's about being able to access the information in
> some unique way

*no* there is *no* difference between ye_olde_foo.txt and the fortunes
files or the bible. both of them should go into the data distribution
or nowhere. fortune-mod on the other hand is something special; it
provides a way to read strfile'd files. the bible-kjv reader may be
something packageworthy as well; in this case it should be split into
a separate package (bible-mod, or better yet something more generic)
so that other things can use it without depending on the text of the

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