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Re: Slink to potato upgrade

On 23 Mar 1999, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> > 1.  Break many users code when they upgrade to potato.
> A worse solution. When I upgrade from one library to a newer one with
> the same soname, this should not break any programs which worked with
> the old library.

Unless the programs were "already" broken but we didn't noticed it, as it
happenned with the new malloc in libc5 (as it has been pointed out by
Michael Meskes).

If we definitely want to avoid some programs to break, there is a simple
solution: Provide fixed releases of those programs in Debian 2.1rX, where
X = 3, 4, 5 or whatever. This way a slink user who needs package "foo"
from potato would upgrade just libc6 and "foo" but old package "bar" from
slink would not break.


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