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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

It seems to me, this goal can be done quite easily though the traditional
method of peer review.

Someone posts something inappropriate... Explain to them on firm, rude
terms that that message does not belong here.  Go There to post it...

That message is not relevent.  Take it to private.

There are a few people who do that.  "This message isn't appropriate for
foobar (usually -private).  I've set the reply-to, please remove foobar
from the cc list... or some such beast.

If the developers that *do* follow -devel get more diligent about policing
their fellow posters, AND not adding to the problem (either by not posting
relevently or answering an inappropriate question).

My $.02 says don't close -devel unless you favor the cathedral development

- Darren

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