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Re: Volume on -devel

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> -devel is too high volume, and has many posts from people who are
> apparently lacking in clues.  I hope that these people (I won't name
> names) are not developers.
> I renew my call for -devel to be closed to non-developer postings.

This is completely silly.  One reason for Debian's success is that it
is open.  This is a lesson learned over and over again.  This is why I 
first went with Debian.  This is why I became a developer.

When we start this sort of posturing, we are looked upon as arrogant
and people don't want to have anything to do with us.  When we shut
out dissent, we are doomed to failure.

At one time, the people (or maybe just person) advocating Free
Software was thought to be lacking in clues.  Obviously this has not
been the case, seeing the considerable success of the free software

What is needed is:

 * More aggressive wrist-slapping
 * More attention to staying ON-TOPIC
   + the orca whale debate was pointless
 * More chiding of people that ask questions in -devel that belong
   in -user

> Perhaps if -devel didn't have postings from nondevelopers we wouldn't
> be so tempted to discuss things on -private when there is no need for
> privacy.

Perhaps if -devel didn't have postings from nondevelopers, nobody
would want to join.


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