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Re: Control Panel

Joseph Carter wrote:
>On Fri, Mar 19, 1999 at 09:45:47AM -0300, Diego Delgado Lages wrote:
>> I'm making something like a Control Panel for Debian.
>> It's alpha yet, and I would like to know someone would like to help me
>> ....
>> It is in Gtk/Gnome...
>> An snapshot is available in http://www.lci.ufrj.br/~dlages/
>> (it may not compile... :((()
>Might I suggest you coordinate your efforts with the Debian configuration
>project?  I've not been following it, but it really sounds like it might
>save duplicated effort.  Take a look at dconfig.doogie.org and the
>archives of the debian-admintool mailing list.
>(and please, Please, PLEASE!! remember that not everyone in the world
>likes or wants gnome..  there are even CONSOLE USERS out there still
>believe it or not.  Some by choice, some by necessity and slow hardware. 
>Don't forget about them)

Hmmm, looks like we're not gonna have much trouble coming up with the
front-end - we already have two, one for tcl/tk and now one for gnome :)

What we need is a good backend. Something that coordinates with the
packages to actually get the configuration data changed and have the program
use it.

We also need a finalized config data format. Wichert's proposal covers this
- it's definately worth a read:


Bind 8, apt, and a few other tools use this format already - apt even comes
with an apt-config tool written in C++ that modifies such config files.

Also anyone who's interested in following this discussion, please join the
debian-admintool mailing list. I've set replies there.
Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"I never knew manipulating the masses was so easy." -jt

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