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Re: Debian/BSD

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, David Welton wrote:

> Here's an idea for those of you interested in running Debian on a BSD
> kernel:
> Use the apple kernel, *if and when* they get the license sorted out!
> It's based on NetBSD (and, "surprisingly", NetBSD has't sabotoged
> anything, to the detriment of the paranoid conspiracy theories), and
> the mach microkernel, so it ought to be reasonably portable..
> The other advantage to using a standard BSD is that, since their
> userland is intentionally not complete, we don't risk fanning those
> flames, *and*, it puts pressure on apple to open source more of their
> stuff!

If apple do sort out their licensing, then I will probably take the time
to port Darwin to my powermac (which won't run debian-powerpc).  This
shouldn't be too hard, since Apple have probably done most of the whole.

Then, I would plan to build Debian/Darwin on top of that..


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