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Re: intent to package Ted

xtifr@dsp.net (Chris Waters) writes:

> If no one else has already filed intent, then I'm going to package up
> "Ted", which I just found on comp.os.linux.announce.  Ted is "a text
> editor running under X Windows on Unix/Linux systems."  It uses
> rich-text format, and is designed to be as compatible as possible with
> MS tools that use rich-text format.  Ted is licensed under the GPL.
> The author claims that the latest version will compile with lesstif,
> so it should be able to go right into main.
Sounds somewhat like the perfect app (although it isn't). ;-)

I downloaded the statically linked binary and i'm severely impressed by
it's capabilities.  This is just what one needs for hacking away on the
casual letter or similiar documents.  One can easily insert any pictures
in various formats, convert RTF documents into HTML, TXT or PostScript,
insert and edit tables, do some superficial visual font formatting and
spell check the document in various languages.  It lacks the possibility
of aligning text in various ways (centering, right and full alignment,
etc.) and some of the DTP like things people may have become used to
with WYSIWYG word processors.  But it is overall a very nice desktop
application.  And hey, it's DFSG free as well, what a nice gain!  

                 Eagerly waiting for the upload, P. *8^)
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