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Re: Volume on -devel

Stephen A. Witt wrote:
> At the risk of offending, as one of the non-developers lurking on this
> list, I think the value to the developer-in-embryo is very real. I'm
> trying to figure out a way to contribute and learn some of the issues of
> Debian development.  I also think that non-developers have no business
> posting to the list except in rare circumstances.

That just means you're still early in your embryonic stage :-)
Sending a few mails to the list is part of the development.  You see,
one day you'll see a project discussed that you urgently want to help
with.  Or you see someone offering packages you want up for adoption.
Or you just want to post your first "intent to package".

But more important than all that is the decision that Debian is a
community you want to be part of.  That's not going to happen if you're
kept out of discussions.

Richard Braakman

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