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Re: Volume on -devel

Ian Jackson wrote:
> -devel is too high volume, and has many posts from people who are
> apparently lacking in clues.  I hope that these people (I won't name
> names) are not developers.
> I renew my call for -devel to be closed to non-developer postings.
> Perhaps if -devel didn't have postings from nondevelopers we wouldn't
> be so tempted to discuss things on -private when there is no need for
> privacy.

Let's look at some hard numbers first. I looked at all posts this month to
debian-devel. I used some hueristics to try to match those posts up to the
list of developers.

The results: of 1596 postings, 1158 were from developers, 438 were not.

These are the top posters amoung non-developers:

     40 no: Navindra Umanee <navindra@cs.mcgill.ca>
     27 no: Jonathan P Tomer <phouchg@cif.rochester.edu>
     24 no: "Ivan E. Moore II" <rkrusty@tdyc.com>
     20 no: "Phillip R. Jaenke" <prj@nls.net>
     18 no: Michael Stone <mstone@itri.loyola.edu>
     16 no: Pedro Guerreiro <pguerreiro@bigfoot.com>
     14 no: Bruce Sass <bsass@bms.freenet.edmonton.ab.ca>
     12 no: Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>
      9 no: David Starner <dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org>
      7 no: Ionutz Borcoman <borco@borco-ei.eng.hokudai.ac.jp>
      7 no: "Seth M. Landsman" <seth@job.cs.brandeis.edu>
      7 no: "Alexander N. Benner" <Nikodemus@innocent.com>
      5 no: bruce@hams.com
      5 no: Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>
      5 no: Remco Blaakmeer <remco-blaakmeer@quicknet.nl>
      5 no: Jim Freeman <jfree@sovereign.org>
      5 no: Bruce Sass <bsass@ecn.ab.ca>

For comparison, the top posters amoung the developers:

     61 yes: Joseph Carter
     36 yes: Wichert Akkerman
     35 yes: Jules Bean
     32 yes: Santiago Vila
     30 yes: Hamish Moffatt
     29 yes: Marcus Brinkmann
     28 yes: Ben Pfaff
     27 yes: John Lapeyre
     27 yes: John Hasler
     24 yes: Branden Robinson
     23 yes: Josip Rodin
     23 yes: Joel Klecker
     22 yes: Steve Dunham
     20 yes: Rob Browning
     20 yes: Joey Hess
     20 yes: Andreas Tille
     19 yes: Edward Betts
     18 yes: Stephane Bortzmeyer
     17 yes: Sven LUTHER
     16 yes: Shaleh
     16 yes: Richard Braakman
     16 yes: Enrique Zanardi
     15 yes: Steve McIntyre
     15 yes: Julian Gilbey

Well I don't know what conclusion to draw from all this. :-) If the problem
is that we get lots of clueless posts from lots of different people, closing
the list off might be the right solution. If on the other hand, we're
getting lots of clueless posts from only a few people, perhaps those people
should be taken aside and spoken too.

see shy jo

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