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Re: Fix for shellutils/glibc 2.1 (Fixes "who")

Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:

> Hi Galen et al, attached is the patch to make "who" function
> correctly with glibc 2.1.  I got it from the corresponding "RawHide"
> package.  
> When we come across problems with other packages, we should take a
> look at the corresponding RawHide source package:
>   ftp://linux.eecs.umich.edu/pub/linux/redhat/rawhide/SRPMS/SRPMS
> Use "rpm2cpio filename.src.rpm|cpio -ivd" to extract.  The patches
> should be nicely broken down in multiple files corresponding to the
> problem that is fixed by the patch.
> Galen, if you wish, I can NMU shellutils with this patch.

Sorry to followup on myself, but that patch should be changed to patch
the "who-users.c" file - the "who.c" and "users.c" files are generated
from "who-users.c".  Otherwise, who will work, but users won't.  I
assume that RawHide must have a broken "users" file...


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