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Re: FOUND IT!!! was Re: Problems with dselect...

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> Well, I found the problem. The problem is with dpkg-http, which
> pre-depends on libhtml-parser-perl, and depends on libwww-perl. These are
> all optional packages!
> Isn't it a mistake to pre-depend upon optional packages?

A Pre-depend on an optional package is not a mistake as such (provided
the Pre-Depend itself is jutified enough, of course).

It would be a mistake if the package were of standard priority or higher,
because a package may not depend on another one of lower priotity.

> In any case it seems that dselect finds all the depends and pre-depends
> (and identifies each properly) but fails to deal with it, and passes dpkg
> an impossible situation, leading to the error messages.
> With this out of the way, I still can't install all packages at once. This
> is caused by the fact that dselect wishes to install a bunch of perl
> add-on packages before perl has been installed, dying with "too many
> errors" which blocks further progress. [...]

The "too many errors" is a bug in dpkg. There is a very simple patch
available. I suggest the dpkg maintainers to apply it.


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