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Re: Universal imlib?

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Stevie Strickland wrote:

> > What'd be an interesting project at some point would be I think to fork
> > imlib off imto a more universal lib.  Not an easy task probably, but the
> > cool stuff usually isn't.
> I would most definitely be interested in this, if only for one reason...
> Imlib can't handle PNG alpha channels.  At least not multiple bit alpha.
> I've been looking all over for a web browser that could handle PNGs with
> alpha channels correctly, and I was hoping that Mozilla would be able to
> do so... but I was wrong.  It turns out that Imlib's limitations (i.e.
> converting PNG alpha channels to 1-bit transparency) limit mozilla, as
> well.  
> I might be mistaken, but I don't think that I am, considering that when
> I looked at the source code, the relevant PNG reading session seemed to
> test the Alpha channel and, if it were higher than half opacity, would
> set the transparency to 0, and if it were less than half opacity, would
> set the transparency to 1, hence the problems rendering the image.

I think raster's planning to work on imlib a bit.  In fact, I'm pretty
sure he has done complete alpha compositing once - maybe he never merged
the code into the current version.

You could have a drift around www.rasterman.com, or simply email him.

Aha!  I found it!


Scroll to the very bottom, where it talks about imlib 2.0.


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