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Re: /var/run/utmp

On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 04:16:17PM -0800, Joel Klecker wrote:
> There is another reason for utmpd, and that's to allow programs to 
> write utmp entries without needing to be suid root.
> In any event, due to the distressingly large number of programs that 
> manipulate the utmp and wtmp files directly, I am getting rid of 
> utmpd in the next release.





Really, please put it back soon.  It's time to migrate.  It's *BAD* to have
stuff sitting around setuid root just so it can muck with the utmp file.

Miquel van Smoorenburg is cool and I respect his opinion, but in the end
life will be better with Unix98 pty handling.

Of course, I speak from a biased position, since I package xterm, and I
desperately want to get rid of its setuid bit.

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