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Re: Device detection? [Summary]

On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 03:44:06PM -0000, Robert Woodcock wrote:
> >The only two components not PCI in new machines these days are internal
> >modems and sound cards.
> Those are the only things left that fit in those ISA slots, yes, but they're
> not the only things left that are on the ISA bus. You've still got
> trivialities like:
> * Serial ports


> * Parallel ports


> * AT keyboard ports


> * PS/2 ports

USB  =>

> And probably a bunch of other things that will be crawling out of the
> woodwork over the next few years. My bet on things is that the majority of
> truly ISA-less x86 computers (the ones without any 640kb limit - think about
> it!) will probably come with USB instead of those 4 things listed
> above.

Indeed.  Though I suspect it's possible that we'll see serial/parallel
USB adapters or if not at least PCI versions of the things built on to
the board.

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