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Intent to package (eventually): Isearch

Isearch is a fairly advanced full-text search engine with support for
multiple document types (and has an API for adding new doctypes),
field-based searching, and some other neat stuff (not all of which works at
the moment).  It also integrates into a full Z39.50 information-retrieval
system, but I don't want to go there :-)


The license appears to be X11-like, except for a clause that states that
users "agree to make their best efforts to return enhancements to [the
original authors], and to inform [the original authors] of noteworthy uses
of this software".  I presume this is DFSG-free?  (Offtopic: What I really
want to know is, is it GPL-compatible?)

I're using it for a project/product at work, currently on RedHat, but I'm
planning to switch them over to Debian.  So, the package might take a while.
Also, I'm doing some rather serious hacking on it, and therefore, the end
result might be called something else.

Please let me know if it's already in the distribution, or if you were
already planning to package it, in which case I'll retract the ITP.


dhd@maclinux.plcom.on.ca (wearing my Linux/m68k+Mac+Debian hat)
  Latest kernels/patches: http://maclinux.plcom.on.ca/pub/

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