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Re: Device detection?

> The problem with that method is that, at least under Windows, it
> causes the hard drive to thrash horribly.  I assume it's because it
> checkpoints after checking for *each* device.  I'm not sure I really
> want to introduce that sort of thrashing slowness into Debian.

we could just checkpoint after each device actually found. then when we
restart after a hang, we can not autodetect at all, but use those
devices we did find to save the user as much time as possible. or we
could compromise between the windows style and that: checkpoint after
every ten tests, or every hundred, or every 5%, or whatever, plus every
found device (we'd have to record that somewhere anyway), and only skip
the block that failed. either way, we definitely have to leave manual
config as an option. not letting the user decide what he wants is just
wrong. but you've already said that. ;)


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