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On Thu, Mar 11, 1999 at 07:54:10PM +0100, Mauro Mazzieri wrote:
> John Lapeyre wrote:
> >    Maybe we can do what John Conway does at login, and have the user
> > factor a large number before he can get non-free :-) .
> Who is John Conway? Why he likes factors large numbers? I must know!!!
> :-)

I dunno who John is, but EVERYONE wants to factor large numbers very fast.

If there would be such an algorithm, you could sell it for lots of $$$ to
any company, government, or underground association in the world. NSA,
Mafia, whoever.

Personally, I would make it public ASAP, I think the risk that you die "by
accident" is pretty likely if you are the only one posessing such an

The reason is obviously that a lot of crypto chiffre assume that factorising
large numbers is very time consuming (dozens or hundreds of years).


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