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Re: openpty: No such file or directory

Quoting Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>:
> You didn't notice that you've been upgraded to glibc2.1???  Oh dear.

hehe...well I kinda caught it out of the corner of my eye..but didn't pay
too much attention till later.  I kinda trust that my system will do
something stupid once in a while since I do run the devel stuff... :)

=Topic on #debian: if telnetd/sshd/etc after glibc2.1 upgrade don't
=      work, restart them || glibc2.1 casualties list: apt 0.1.10, prcs,
=      libtricks, libgc4

sshd still don't work..but that's ok...ssltelnet does. so I'm good.

thanks...I need to start reading the devel list again...


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