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Re: freedom-subtracted.debian.org (Ammend the SC)

I see this discussion as moot. Until the Social Contract is "officially"
modified to clear up glaring contradictions and vagueness nothing can be
done.  I have never analyzed the contarct before but upon careful
inspection most of Dale's points about contradictory statements are true.
As with any contract, the use of vague language detracts from the
contract's effectiveness.  I'm not even sure if the social contract is
supposed to actually represent a contract with a Debian user or not. 

I don't care if non-free/contrib are split up. I'm smart enough to find
them whereever they are.  I would like to see the contract rewritten.
That way this kind of conversation won't happen again.  If the
directory/naming scheme is going to change it should happen only once and
not again.  After all, software is either free or restricted.

How does one go about proposing an ammendment to the Social Contract? I
think this needs to be done.


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