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Montreal Wed Mar 10 09:33:09 1999

Remco van de Meent <rvdmeent@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Raul Miller wrote:
> > I like this idea.  But I think a better name for the site would be:
> > unsupported.debian.org
> `problems.debian.org' :-)

How about: 

nazi.debian.org -> free
bastard.debian.org -> contrib
jewish.debian.org -> non-free

That should get the political message across.

Or how about you can only access non-free and contrib by typing in an
IP address?  Or maybe put the disclaimer in the directory name eg,

Better than all these stupid games, Debian should simply trash contrib
and non-free insteead of playing stupid political games and pretending
to give a sh!t about users.


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