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On Tue, Mar 09, 1999 at 08:52:08PM -0700, John Lapeyre wrote:
>   Will such a split make it logistically easier or more difficult to develop
> debian ?  I hate to sound practical, but perhaps that should be considered.
> The current situation still allows developers to develop an 
> entirely free distribution with no extra effort.  And users can 
> get an entirely free distribution with no extra effort.  True, it
> is easy to get non-free, but the little bit of extra effort involved is
> to get it, not to leave it out.  How  does making it a bit more difficult
> to get improve things ?  

The idea isn't really to make it more difficult, but to make at 
distinction between what IS Debian and what is NOT.  

By moving these files to another server this will help with this concept.
I don't think it will make things more difficult for development. Shoot,
it could be the same damn machine with just a virtual host.  

We talk about how we are viewed by other people...the battle over the 
Logo is a good example...it's got to be just right to represent Debian...
well that goes the same way for the packages in the distro.  If we 
present them in one lump that's how people will take it.  I know personaly
I didn't get this whole main/contrib/non-free/non-us thing....  it took
me a bit.  But if I had come along and started using Debian and then found
this other site filled with non-free packages the first thing I'd do is
wonder why they were there...why they were not with the rest of the stuff.  

With dselect, I didn't pay attention much to the sections...I only payed
attention to the packages I wanted to install.  As do most.  

Move non-free off to another hostname making it available via apt.  And
then advertise that as the site to get non-free applications and whatnot.


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