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On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Navindra Umanee wrote:

> If KWM eats 15-20M on your system, then something must really be
> fscked up there.

I think it's probably Qt. Either that or egcs. STILL haven't figured out
how the HELL it got past me. And haven't really had time to go back to
gcc. *sigh* It's been a rough week. ;(
> The .debs should probably preserve namespace by shoving the KDE stuff
> somewhere like $KDEDIR (/usr/kde/?) instead of all over the place
> (/var/spool/???  please).  Not to mention, the other unsupported KDE
> applications expect a $KDEDIR.  I actually think KDE should drop .debs
> altogether.  I went straight to tar.gz and I'm much better off.

/usr/local/kde, actually. It all goes there, thankfully, if you compile it
yourself. Unfortunately, three or four of the source tgz's just won't
compile, because whatever idiot, for want of a better term, put them
together neglected to include somewhat IMPORTANT files. *grumble* ;P
> The GNOME debs are worse and take up /etc/sound, /etc/CORBA,
> /etc/paper.config, /etc/mime-magic, /usr/bin/panel and more instead of
> something doing something sensible like shoving config files in
> /etc/gnome/* and naming GNOME panel /usr/bin/X11/gpanel.

Yeah, I noticed that. Drives me absolutely nuts, but I'm dealing. I
played symlink-at-will too, so it's not too bad. But it's still somewhat
chaotic and hard to manage. ;P

> P100, 32M, IDE, ATI Mach 64.  Sorry, no intolerable slowness here.

I forgot to mention. VX chipset. "Industrial" motherboard. (It's a
frigging VX chipset mo'board with a P90 and 32M FPM on a *VLB* slot
running at <33MHz.) With EVERYTHING onboard except the NIC and modem.
Trio64V2 is unaccellerated, too, IIRC. It's *not* a nice machine. It's the
kind of machine that just makes you want to hunt down and kill those
responsible. ;P

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