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Re: fetchmail corrupting mail bug

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Brian Almeida wrote:

> I don't seem to recall what the problem was with fetchmail corrupting PGP/MIME
> stuff (as filed by Branden Robinson) but it stills seems to be doing it
> here...I am home for spring break, so I've been using fetchmail (instead of
> having mail delivered directly to my box via sendmail) and have gotten bad
> signatures on EVERYTHING, when they used to be good 100% of the time.
> I usually call fetchmail with --all --flush, but it also exhibits this behavior
> without them.
> There is only one line in my .fetchmailrc (edited, of course :):
> poll <server> protocol pop3 user <user> password <passwd>
I have an additional 
	mda "/usr/bin/procmail -Y -d %s"
also tried without the -Y.

> I also use procmail to filter my mail, if that matters.
Same over here. No problems with signatures, well, only very seldom.
Everything I get on debian-devel-changes is ok.

My only problem is split mail, when a mail contains a "From" at the
beginning of a line. This seems to be due to an outdated mail program (pop3
or sendmail or whatever) on the sun where I fetch the mail from. I gave up
tracing this down...


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