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Re: An interest in Debian/68K

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 11:09:31AM -0500, Kenneth R. Allen wrote:
> I have an old Mac IIvi with 12MB RAM that I would like to find a use for. It
> is so old and slow that the kids refuse to even use it for older games! I
> heard that Debian would load on 68K systems and thought this was worth
> consideration.

We had Debian m68k on a Mac SE-30 with 4 megs of ram, a 40 meg HD, and
the root filesystem on a 100 meg Zip disk at LinuxWorld.  We put speakers
around it and set the Empeg on top of it---an EXCELLENT move I think! 
They came to see what the noise was, thought it was the mac for a second,
saw the Empeg, asked about it, then realized "Hey wait a second...  This
is a MAC SE-30 RUNNING DEBIAN!!"  =>

> Will Debian load on the Mac IIvi (built-in CD & floppy), and if so what
> requirements does it have (minimum memory and disk space) for a runnable
> system? I am not looking to write system code, but would like to be able to
> use the system for some programming (let the kids learn how to program on a
> 'safe' system so they cannot destroy other work) and word processing
> (homework and the like) and play some games.

I think it won't run on the original 68000 but you have an 020 or 030 in
that machine I think anyway.

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