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RE: Withdrawing the orca from the logo contest

you wrote:
After making several versions of an orca for the logo contest,
I've found out today that they look almost identical to
Linux Focus's logo (http://www.linuxfocus.org/English/index.html)

I swear I had never seen their logo before I made the drawings
and I had no idea they had adopted the orca as their mascot.
Obviously this leaves my contest entries villate-0, villate-2
and villate-3 out of the contest, and I'd like to donate them
to the linux focus project, if it's O.K. with the logo-contest
(let's hope no one else has used a seal that looks exactly like
the one I did for entry villate-4)

I looked at their web site.  It looks more like a bottle nosed dolphin
to me than an orca (killer whale).

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