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Re: Gnome-session Startup Issue

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Brent A. Fulgham wrote:

> I just installed the 0.99 series gnome packages a few days ago, and I
> notice that I get several error messages on startup related to
> Ice-Authorization and the inability to start the ice window manager.
> This makes since, as I do not have icewm installed.
> Possible that whoever compiled the gnome-core stuff left some
> window-manager specific stuff in the configuration?  Or is there a
> config file someplace (not obvious) that needs to be changed?  I don't 
> see any /etc/gnome stuff and I deleted all .gnome-* directories and
> got the same errors.


Those were only experimental packages.

You should talk about them on debian-gtk-gnome, not here.

Note the ICE-Authorisation has nothing to do with icewm at all :)

gnome-session launches a default set of stuff, which, IIRC, includes
icewm.  Once you've 'got it going' it will run whatever you had open when
you quit it - i.e. your own WM.

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