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Re: slink release delayed

> > > Ship's Log, Lt. Julian Gilbey, Stardate 030399.2039:
> > > > > ./dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel/kernel-source-2.2.1_2.2.1-1.deb
> > > > 
> > > > So file a grave bug against ftp.debian.org for kernel-*-2.2.1 to be
> > > > pulled from slink.  NOW!!  Better that we should ship with an older
> > > > kernel than with one which will kill people's hard disks.
> > > 
> > This isn't good enough.  Having the source in 2.1 suggests that it is
> > worth compiling and running.  Some people always compile their own
> > kernels and may not even notice the kernel-image is not included in
> but they will surely compile it from upstyream kernel sources, not the debian
> packages, or apply the newest patch to it, not just build it.
> if it is time still, maybe just a notice of the unstability in some errata
> file, or even in the control file would be nice and enough ...

They have a nice kernel source on the sparkling new Debian CD which
they just purchased.  Don't you think that some poor soul might not
realise (or read the docs)?  And if you're telling me that people will
just download the new kernel anyway, why are we shipping it at all?

I'm going to file a grave bug report.



  Julian Gilbey, Dept of Maths, QMW, Univ. of London. J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk
             Debian GNU/Linux Developer.  jdg@debian.org
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