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Re: Intent to package Seaview [Biology]

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, David Starner wrote:

> > Doing that you can suggest to switch to GTK+1.2.  It is more work but
> > possibly worth the effort.  And, beleave me, it bringth you up the
> > heaven number seven of GTK+ :-).
> Why is it worth the effort?
Just to reach heaven number seven as I said :-).

> FLTK is a simple conversion from a non-free
> toolkit to a free toolkit. GTK would require ripping out any toolkit
> dependent stuff and re-writing. The only reason is for it to look better
> with the rest of the desktop, and that's probably not worth it unless
> the author really wants to.
The hint was >>>to suggest<<< and why not suggesting a thing which 
has been considered to be good.  May be tha author wants what you wrote ...

Kind regards


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