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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?


Ship's Log, Lt. Jules Bean, Stardate 030399.0007:
> > RedHat you boot from disk, choose ftp as method and ... everything's on your
> > box in 15 min. apt should be able to do this as well, should't it?
> It is, actually.
> As long as you know of a public NFS mirror.

That is the point ... ftp is more common and I think also faster

> In the UK, we have sunsite.org.uk:/public, and I've done plenty of

I must have missed that one.
I've tried all in Germany one in France and one in Finnland and then gave up

> installations this way (actually, you do need two disks, the drivers disk
> and the rescue disk).

not that RedHat is our big brother we have to look at or something sim. just
for information:
for nfs they need 2 disks too :-)

Still I think a do-the-instalation disk would be nice.

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