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On Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 04:11:18PM -0800, Tyler wrote:
: Why is KDE still under Contrib since QT went OpenSource?  Does the
: OpenSource-ization of QT mean that KDE can be released on CD with the
: distribution?

AFAIK only if it's built with QT-2.0.  And AFAIK there's somebody (me
;-) trying to build QT-2.0 beta packages ... and of of the KDE team will try
to build the KDE stuff with these packages.  (Please don't ask him ...)

For short:

. kde-1.1 is available from ftp.kde.org
. needs (at least if you want to build it) qt1-1.42,
  which in turn is available in potato
. (I've build kde-1.1 with qt1-1.42 for slink ...
  for inclusion on our CDs)
. all this is non-free or contrib, since the qt1
  libs are not as free as Debian wants
  (please no discussion about the licensing issues

. qt2 will be licensed under a somewhat difference
  license (QPL), probably making it possible to
  build a free kde.
. qt2 is not released yet, but beta versions exist
  and currently my machine (me as the qt maintainer)
  is building qt2beta*deb

. as soon as qt2beta*deb will be available for the kde team (at least
  one of them) they will try to build kde with qt2beta and probably
  make experimental packages

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