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debian dinner wednesday night

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For those attending LinuxWorld expo in San Jose:

Wednesday night starting at 7pm, we will be having a debian dinner at
Chili's in San Jose. This event is open to both users and developers
alike. Developers: bring your pgp keys, a keysigning will be held.

Wichert Akkerman, the leader of debian, will be giving a short talk about
all the people and companies he's been talking to at the expo who want to
get involved with the debian project, or use debian, or help debian out in
various ways. Wichert can't yet tell us *everything* he's talking about with
various people, but what he can is sure to be fascinating!

Directions to Chili's follow (from the San Jose convention center):

   From the Expo Center, take 280 north (toward San Francisco)

   On 280, take the 880(north) exit.  As you come off the ramp,
   you will have the option to continue to the right to go onto 880,
   or to go straight.  Go straight, then take the next right, which
   will bring you to Steven's Creek.

   At the end of the ramp is a traffic light.  Make a right at the light(onto
   Steven's Creek).

   Take a left onto Winchester Blvd(the third light I think).

   Chili's will be on the left hand side, approximately 1/8th-1/4 mile down

The address is 
2980 Stevens creek
Phone number for chili's: 241-8833

For more infomation, contact targon@targonia.com (David Bristel).

see shy jo

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