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Releasing Slink (was Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes)

[ removed debian-m68k and debian-sparc from the To: field, only
concerns Alpha  ]

Steve McIntyre writes:
 > The slink release has been a mess, culminating in a last-minute "sorry, we
 > missed it again" announcement. If we're going to release properly next
 > Tuesday at 00:00 GMT, then we need a schedule like the following:
 > 1. Fixes needed for each set allowed in Tue, Wed, Thu and then _no more
 >    uploads_ for any reason. At all. None.
 > 2. Starting _now_ we have people building CD images for each platform.
 >    These will need to be re-done again later as uploads are made, but we
 >    need feedback _now_ if there are any missing packages or other CD image
 >    problems.


A few improvements for the Alpha CD are really needed, to ensure
it is really bootable, I will provide another installation set and
slink_cd patches for Tuesday.

 > 3. On Friday final images are made for each of the release architectures.
 >    I can do i386 and source, we need volunteers for m68k, alpha and sparc. 
 >    Let us know ASAP if you can help. Steve, you willing to do sparc still?
 >    In theory, one person could do all of them, but in practice this just
 >    does not work. And these need to be sanity checked before we pronounce
 >    them ready to go. 

If really nobody is wanting to take the job for Alpha, I can try to also
generate the Alpha CDs. Until now, due to resources limitations, I
have only been able to test the slink_cd scripts and boot stuff on a
small debian subset (I have just asked an account on



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