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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?

I agree, and find them quite handy, I might even stretch it to once
every other day or so, or every three days, who knows, I might even be
brave enough to start digging at dpkg sometime mid-freeze when I know
its vaguely safe.. (=:]

Zephaniah E. Hull.

On Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 05:24:12PM +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 01:43:41PM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> >   * mail the 'Release-critical Bugreport' from unstable monthly
> >   * mail the 'Release-critical Bugreport' from unstable weekly in the 
> >     last 5 weeks of the unstable potato
> I'd wish the RCBR gets mailed weekly all the time, to -devel. Bugs
> are critical/grave/whatever while in 'unstable', too, and we should
> be aware of them constantly (and try to fix them as soon as possible),
> not wait until freeze. The longer more people know about a problem,
> it'll get more irritating to them and they'll have more time and will
> to fix it.
> Anyhow, one post a week - to a -devel reader - that's a joke :)
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