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Re: Intent to package Savant, Warped, and TyVis

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

> The geda project might like to hear from you.

What's their contact information?  I'll be announcing to the FreeHDL effort 
as well.
> > TyVis will either be virtually public domain (no license whatsoever)
> "No license whatsoever" is not public domain.  It is the exact opposite.  A
> work with no license may not be distributed at all.

The license says "If you feel like it, give us credit.  Distribute it, sell
it, do whatever you want with it."  I guess I didn't mean "no license", I
meant a "no limitations at all license".  It also has the standard "not
necessarily fit for any use" type stuff in it.  Fair enough?
> > The license is essentially "it would be nice if you gave us credit but
> > you can do whatever you want with this".
> It is always best to have some sort of a formal license.  How about the X
> license?

It's not best from our (the author's) perspective.  We're releasing it with
no limitations for a wide variety of reasons.  Don't worry - there is a
file stating this specifically, so there is a license - like I said, I
mistated that.  And we do know that someone could come along and shrink
wrap our stuff and make millions, or copy all of our work and take credit
for it - we simply don't care.  (And I'd like to see them try to make money
of it in particular ;-))

Anyways, perhaps we should take this to private email or debian-legal
(which I'm not subscribed to at the moment) if you'd like to continue this

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