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Intent to package Savant, Warped, and TyVis

I'm a primary author on several packages developed at the University of
Savant - Extendable VHDL 93 analyzer, with C++ code generator

TyVis - VHDL runtime support library

Warped - Discrete event simulation library (supports parallel and
sequential simulation)

I've been actively involved in development of Savant and Warped for several 
years.  Savant is about to be freed in version 1.0 - previously it had a
"not for commercial use" clause in its license.  Version 1.0 will be LGPL.
TyVis will either be virtually public domain (no license whatsoever) or
LGPL, and Warped is virtually public domain.  (The license is essentially
"it would be nice if you gave us credit but you can do whatever you want
with this".)

Anyways, with these three packages Debian can add VHDL to the list of
languages it supports.

Any questions/comments appreciated.
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