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Re: EGCS Re: glibc 2.1 notes

On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 11:29:49AM -0600, David Starner wrote:
> I've read that Potato will replace FSF gcc with egcs. Is this still
> planned? If so, shouldn't glibc 2.1 be compiled by egcs?
> -- 
Ok two things.  Firstly, the glibc 2.1 release notes seem to suggest that
it must be compiled under egcs or gcc 2.8.  Appairently it won't even
compile under gcc 2.7.2.x.

The other thing is that isn't glibc 2.1 currently pulled E.G. not on the
gnu FTP sites due to licensing issues.  Wouldn't it be prudent to wait
until glibc 2.1 is put back before releasing a package?  If The license
violation was serious enough for the glibc folks to pull it, it would
probably violate Debian's licensing policy as well.


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