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Re: glibc 2.1 notes

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Joel Klecker wrote:

[from readme]
> In order for the `utmpd' approach to work it is essential that NO
> program EVER accesses the UTMP and WTMP files directly.  Instead, a
> program should use ONLY the available library functions:
[end from readme]

> Unfortunately I have discovered that even GNU software (`who' from
> shellutils) is guilty of reading the utmp file directly, I am sure we
> have other programs that don't do it the right way as well.  If you
> maintain a package with programs that work with utmp and/or wtmp. please
> check that they do it correctly. 

Are you sure this isn't a bug or an ambiguity in the documentation? All of
the earlier text says the daemon is written to be compatible with programs
that access utmp directory. I would think the documentation, then, is
saying it is essential that no programs read utmpx. utmpx vs utmp.

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