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Re: Can I stop xdm/wdm from always starting up?

Pedro Guerreiro wrote:
  >Let's me explain the problem: Somewhere along these last big changes in X,
  >something was lost (I think). In the old days, there was an option in
  >/etc/X11/config that gives you the chance to start (or not) xdm/wdm: If you
  >has a line like 'start-xdm' on that file, the xdm was started every time you
  >boot the machine, but if you changed that line to something like
  >'no-start-xdm', then xdm didn't start, and you end up with the console login
  >As my linux box is mine, all mine and nothing but mine :-)), sometimes
  >(especially when trying something more dangerous in X) I wanted to start the
  >plain console, and then try X using startx.
  >Well, now this is gone :-(, or not? Are the any _right_ way to do this now?
  >I've hacked my system to do this, through a change in /etc/init.d/[xw]dm, 
  >but if there is a _right_ way to allow me to do this, I didn't have to mess
  >around with these scripts.
Since xdm is now a separate package, you should simply remove it.  If you
want to keep xdm, yet not use it, hacking the init file seems the best way
to do it.

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