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Re: dpkg unstable?

On Thu, Feb 25, 1999 at 08:20:59PM -0600, David Welton wrote:
> If anything, it seems like it might be less stressful for those of us
> at linuxworld to be explaining that our release slipped a week than
> that our package manager is screwed up, and no, we don't have cd's
> anyway.

I agree. Better to wait a week or so than to release a buggy version.

I speaking based on my experience with the hamm cd's that I've bought: When
I installed hamm over bo with dselect (the same thing happens when
installing hamm for the first time), it just frooze completely when trying
to configure X. For me this wasn't a problem, it was just a matter of
changing to a different console, and killing the offending processes, but
when I try to "sell" the Debian distribution to some friends (Linux _very_
newbies), and then this blows up on them, what I am supposed to say?

Pedro Guerreiro

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