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Re: dbuild running automatically on potato source tre

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

> Bob Hilliard:
> >      My packages dict-[gazetteer|wn|misc] fail because they have an
> > RCS sub-directory in the debian directory, and dbuild doesn't handle
> > that properly,
> Um, why is it necessary to have an RCS repository in the debian files?
> (I'm not opposing, just curious.)

     It is not _necessary_ to have an RCS repository in the debian
files, but I find it convenient.  I find it desirable to have my rules
file in RCS, and I don't know of any convenient way to use RCS other
than from the directory containing the RCS directory.

     Neither the policy manual or the packaging manual address this
subject, but the author of dpkg-source apparently anticipated the
possibility of finding an RCS directory, since he coded that question
about extracting a rules file from it.  I can't understand what the
author was thinking of when he made the default answer to that
question [y].

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